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Use Freedom to block distractions so you can get your work done. Block what you want, when you want, and be more productive. Sit down to work knowing you're completely in control of distractions. We're proud to have helped our users reclaim 10,, hours in the past year. Hundreds of illustrations for the game Munchkin, the comic strip Dork Tower, and much more.

I use it to block myself off distracting sites like Facebook and Twitter in the morning to help me get my most important work done early in the day and to cut myself off in the evening so I have time to shut down and unwind. Join over 1,, people using Freedom to be more productive.


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Features Why Freedom? Password must contain at least six characters. Already have an account? Log in here. Find a Store. How it works Eligibility Upgrade. How it works Freedom to choose your smartphone Choose iPhone or Android if that's your preference, because we offer both at no extra cost Freedom to pick your plan Pair up your new smartphone with the Digi Postpaid plan of your choice. Now eligible to all Existing Postpaid Customers. What is Digi PhoneFreedom ? Digi PhoneFreedom is a new device programme that offers you an easier way to enjoy the latest flagship phones.

How does Digi PhoneFreedom benefit me? Compared to conventional device programmes, Digi PhoneFreedom offers you the following: No upfront payment - Walk away with a brand new phone without paying a deposit No interest charged - A monthly instalment scheme allows you to pay off your phone in 24 months, interest free No upgrade fee - Exchange your old phone with a new phone with no upgrade fee from month 18 - Will I be paying more with Digi PhoneFreedom compared to buying the phone outright?

In fact, you will enjoy greater value and flexibility with Digi PhoneFreedom than when you buy the phone conventionally.

About this Cell Phone Plan

Digi PhoneFreedom provides an instalment facility, saving you from a large outright payment. You can also opt for an early upgrade at month 18 onwards with no upgrade fee by returning your old phone.

For now, the only way to check your eligibility is to walk in to the nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express. Device advance payment is only applicable to those who are not eligible for the 0 Upfront feature of Digi PhoneFreedom For now, you need to walk in to the nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express to check your eligibility status.

Will I enjoy 0 Upfront if I port in from my existing operator? Device Advance Payment will be applicable for those that do not meet the eligibility above.

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Can corporate individuals or SME lines sign up? No, corporate individuals and SME lines are not eligible for this programme. Who is eligible for Digi PhoneFreedom ? Walk in to the nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express to check the offers available based on your eligibility. The following must also be met during registration: Biometric thumbprint scan must match the NRIC thumbprint to qualify for registration.


Credit card auto-billing subscription must be active throughout the contract period. Registrant must be a Malaysian citizen. For Port In customers, your last 3 months bill of your current operator must be submitted during registration. What Postpaid mobile offers are bundled under Digi PhoneFreedom ? What phones are available with Digi PhoneFreedom ?

How many months of repayment fees do I need to fulfil under this programme?

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You have to fulfil the 24 monthly device payments as accorded in the contract. However, you may choose to upgrade to a brand new phone between months 18 — 24 with no upgrade fee. How do I upgrade to a new phone between months 18 - 24?

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  5. How do I know if my phone is in good working condition? Our friendly staff at Digi Store and Digi Store Express will perform the following assessment before we accept your phone. Digi has the absolute discretion to decide whether a phone which you wish to exchange can be accepted or rejected. Digi will not accept the phone as a Returned Device for exchange. You may instead choose to A complete your 24 monthly instalments and keep the phone at the end of your contract, or B pay the Penalty Fee and Processing Fee, keep the old phone and register for a new phone.

    Do I get to keep my old phone when I upgrade? No, once you have agreed to exchange your old phone for a new phone under the Digi PhoneFreedom , Digi will not return the old phone back to you.

    Hence, please ensure that you have performed a full data backup of your old phone before surrendering it. Will I be able to retrieve the data stored in my old phone after the exchange? Please ensure you have performed a full data backup before you surrender your old phone to our staff during your upgrade process. If I decide not to upgrade between months 18 - 24, what will happen? Should you decide not to upgrade at any point within the eligible upgrade period, you can continue to complete with your 24 monthly instalments and keep the phone at the end of your contract.

    Once you have paid the Penalty fee, you may then sign up for a new device with Digi PhoneFreedom Can I continue with this programme after I have completed my 24 month instalment period? Am I entitled to subscribe to this Digi PhoneFreedom ? What is covered under Digi Shield?